No doubt you have many questions regarding planning your wedding. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding getting married at St Mary’s which may be of some help to you in this early stage.

What days of the week could I have my Wedding at St Mary’s?

Weddings usually take place on a Saturday. We can have up to two weddings on any given Saturday. On occasion a wedding can be organised for a Friday afternoon or on another day during the week. We do not hold weddings on Sundays.

Can I use my own Marriage Service or write my own vows?

We are an Anglican Church, therefore we use the “Marriage” services from “An Australian Prayer Book” (1978) or “Common Prayer” (2012). Minor variations are possible but only in consultation with the Minister from St Mary’s conducting the Marriage.

Can anyone get married at St Mary’s?

We love holding weddings at St Mary’s, but we run a Christian Wedding ceremony. It is important therefore that the couple being married is sympathetic to the Christian values expressed in the wedding service and is not using the church merely for convenience or social reasons. Couples being married at St Mary’s must be Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

I am divorced, can I still get married at St Mary’s?

In the case of divorce, remarriage is not automatically permitted in the Anglican Church. Permission needs to be sought by the Minister from the Regional Bishop on behalf of the couple. Speak to the Minister as applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Can guests throw confetti or rice over the bridal couple outside the church?

The simple answer is no. However we do permit the use of bubbles.
Rose petals are permitted, but only on the garden outside the church.

Are photographers or videographers permitted to photograph/film the wedding service?

Photographers and videographers are permitted. As a courtesy, we request that the photographer/videographer introduce him/herself to the Minister prior to the service beginning.

What costs are involved?

See costs in the drop down menu.

How much notice do I need to give?

We require at least three months notice of an intended wedding. Bookings of course are subject to the Church being available. Please feel free to make further enquiries through the Office Ph: (02) 93893077 or email

What music is allowed?

St Mary’s is equipped with a beautiful pipe organ and we can supply a professional organist for an additional fee. Alternative music is welcome whether it be live or pre-recorded, but needs to be approved by the Minister.

How many does the church seat?
St Mary’s can seat up to 160 people, however its design permits even small numbers to have a comfortable and intimate service.

What preparation is provided?

Your preparation includes, meetings with the Minister, a “Marriage Preparation” course and pre-marriage counselling. This is at no additional cost.

Is there parking?

St Mary’s has limited parking on site for approx 20 cars. However we have an arrangement with a local school which enables us to use their staff car park which provides an additional 39 parking spots. These parking options however are not available for use on weekdays.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact the Special Services Minister, Rev. Aleks Pinter